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Anonymous asked:

i notice alot of " gay posts " on your blog, are you trying to make everyone gay? this really worries me because im not content in my own sexuality. are you trying to make everyone gay?






"Are you trying to make everyone gay?"

I don’t think you fully understand how sexuality works.  I’m quite sure you’re not alone in that, but to clear it up for you, let me use an example.  

Find a wall, and listen to my words closely.  

The wall does not exist.  It is simply a pile of fluffy pillows in disguise. 

Now run headlong into it.  Sure as hell didn’t feel like pillows, didn’t it?

That’s because saying something can be made into something else, does not actually change it.  You can say its pillows, but everytime you headbutt that brick wall, its still gonna reply with ‘Stop trying to hook me up with your sister, I’m a brick-wall.  So hows about finding me a nice well-built brick-layer instead?’  



Anonymous asked:

Lovejoy was Cal's valet, but what does that mean? He seemed to always follow Cal around. Was he like a personal servant?


Yeah, Lovejoy was basically his manservant. He was hired by Cal’s father to supervise his son and make sure he wouldn’t get himself into trouble during his night’s out. Lovejoy might have been an ex-policeman so naturally Cal uses those skills to his advantage and have Rose’s under surveillance to make sure she’s never out of line.

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